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Sensei Rotem

Hello Helmut, Thomas, how are you guys?

Also, some other instructors of the school, from other countries (black belts) will come to do the training. actually, everybody is courious to know the new guys in the School, I think Serban told everybody about you...:):)

in the 21 of june , the day after we finish the course, we are going to do a very special ceremony for the memory of Imi, In his birth city of Bratislava, Slovakia.

We are also going to put a plaque with his name in the center of the city. it will be done in cooperation with the jewish museum in the city, which have the permition and everything from the maior office.

if you (and your students) would like to come and participate, we will be more than happy.

more students and instructors will come from all over europe to prticipate in this day. its the first time something like this happens.

anything else, please let me know

all the best, see you soon


Respectfully Sensei Rotem

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